The turbo Z1 fits in VERY NICELY!  265 hp on 91 octane fuel.  300 hp is possible with the stock turbo and race fuel.  We also have a 460 hp setup!  Air to water intercooler to keep the heated air intake cool.  Our special STM overdrive secondary clutch gives the XP lower cruising speeds as well as high top speed if you desire.
As you can see, we designed our kit to not take up any bed space.  The intercooler radiator is mounted on the cage to keep the bed clear.
Our belt cover is designed keep the mud and water out of the clutches.  It has a fan to force fresh air in to the cover for cooling.  For the sand guys, we also have a over the belt shield.

Our XP kit includes:

  • Heavy duty engine to tranny mounting kit
  • Special STM billet overdrive secondary clutch (not off the shelf availability, designed just for our kit) 
  • HD snowmobile belt
  • Adjustable primary clutch kit with low engagement spring
  • Short aluminum intake
  • 1 gallon aluminum oil tank which makes it a 5 qt. system
  • Remote oil filter with twist-tite hose using factory Z1 oil cooler (external oil cooler available)
  • High volume in tank fuel pump
  • HD heim sway bar links
  • Air to water intercooler kit.  (air to air is possible as well)
  • Speedo calibration kit for use with the Z1 gauge cluster
  • Setup to use STOCK air filter system
  • 200-270 ECU reprogram with our custom setup.  Your choice of power output
  • And our detailed installation instructions with color pictures to help make the install EASY!


  • Airplane cockpit dash setup or 2 panel dash setup for up to 2 gauges and 4 switches
  • 3 horsepower levels with launch control
  • ViPec stand alone ECU fully programmable
  • Waterproof belt cover with fan setup
  • Scatter shield belt cover for those who don't need the waterproof cover for sand use
  • External oil cooler with twist-tite hose and AN fittings

New for 2014:  If you buy our kit with the new engine package, we will install head studs  and do the clutch setup for FREE.  That saves you install time and is a $500+ value to you!

My 9 yr. old daughter helping me demonstrate a water crossing which shows the smooth clutch engagement, our water proof belt cover, and how quiet it is.  Next is a steep uphill road.  MORE VIDEOS TO COME SOON.