Replacement voltage regulators for Polaris SxS UTV 900XP, 2015 900 trail, 900s, 1000s, 1000XP, and 1000 turbo.  Also for Polaris Rangers.

This is a VR made in Japan NOT China like all the factory regulators are for the 900 and the 1000.  Japan has MUCH BETTER electronics.  The unit also has 2 times the cooling fins.  We have been using this VR for about 4 years now with NO failures.  The stock VR would only last a week to couple months on the Z1 conversions due to the small charging system putting such a load on the regulator.  There is no need to try to relocate the regulator either.  We have seen no problems with water intrusion or overheating in the stock location under the driver's seat in over 3 YEARS!  You are more than welcome to put it anywhere you want.  Just remember, it needs air movement to cool.

I also recommend on the 2016-2018 1k Turbo to install the VR in the back like the 1000XP.  The shorter the wiring, the less heat.  Also 4 less connectors to have problems with.  That is why I no longer have the option to install the VR in the front.  It just won't last up front.

Hawk Engineering Inc. Polaris voltage regulator

If your regulator plugs look like this, we recommend to install the HAWK VR in the back.  It will connect to the engine with the 3 yellow wires in 1 plug.  Then put the RED wire to power from battery usually on the starter solenoid and then the BLACK on the frame stud.  Or you can connect the RED and BLACK directly to the battery.  Very easy install.  Less issues from harness running up to the front and less connectors to get hot and melt.

Voltage Regulator OPTIONS for Polaris