Polaris RZR Progressive Rate Springs

For the Polaris RZR 570, 50" 800, and the 800 S with Fox Podium shocks

As you can see in the video, our springs fit on the Fox Podium shocks without the use of an adapter.  They were made specifically for the shock.  The 570 and the 50" 800 are the same way.  The springs will increase your ride height and will not bottom out as easily as the stock springs.  They have a near stock ride, but progressively get stiffer with the compression of the spring.  This helps it to keep from bottoming out over jumps, G-outs, etc.  Our springs are made in the USA with a high grade of wire that only has a 5% sag over the life of the spring.

The 570 and 50" 800 will need the use of a spring compressor or the use of ratchet tie downs to get the old springs off and the new ones on.  The Fox Podiums only need to loosen the pre-load or spanner nuts to take the tension off the springs and then install our progressives back on it.

Install the spring back on the shock with the tighter more close together coils first so they will be at the top of the shock.  This aids to lessen the chance of crud buildup at the bottom if the closer coils would have been there.

For the 570 and 50" 800.  You will probably not need to run the pre-load any more than the first setting.  If you plan to haul more weight or would like it to sit higher, add more pre-load to the spring.

The 800 S with Fox Podiums can be used with the stock tender spring.  This is the light spring at the top of the front shocks.  Place it and the plastic guide on top of the progressive spring just like it is now on the stock spring.  It will take more preload with this setup, but I think it rides plusher than without them.  Now for the rear.  Put 3-4 turns past the point where the spring just starts to touch the spanner nut.  Don't be afraid to crank it on down if you want more ground clearance.  The tighter the spring is, the more rebound the shock will have.